New Provincial Council of Province St. Charles

On June 6, 2017, the General Administration of the Congregation of the Missionaries of St. Charles has confirmed the members of the new provincial council of Province St. Charles Borromeo. We are pleased to announce that for the next term of three years, the following Scalabrinian fathers have been appointed for the administration of our province:

 Provincial Superior: Rev. Moacir Balen, c.s.
1st Councilor and Provincial Vicar: Rev. Jesús Erasmo Salinas Hernandez, c.s. 
2nd Councilor: Rev. Horécio Carlos Anklan, c.s. 
3rd Councilor: Rev. Angelo Plodari, c.s. 
4th Councilor: Rev. Vincenzo Rosato, c.s. 


May they be guided by the Holy Spirit with all the necessary gifts to humbly and wisely accomplish this service that has been entrusted to them. Our prayers and best wishes for the new Provincial Council. 

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