Ordinations to the Priesthood 2017

“A Catholic priest is not, however, Christ simply present in the man, which is a privilege of all Christians: he is Christ acting in the man, accomplishing a divine work of redemption; he is Jesus Christ speaking, Jesus Christ sacrificing, Jesus Christ forgiving, Jesus Christ saving everywhere, in the pulpit and in the altar…  filled with His dignity and His authority! Sacerdos alter Christus…” (Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini, 1892).

In these first months of 2017, we welcomed several new Scalabrinian missionary priests. Seven religious from the Theology of Bogotá were ordained to the priesthood. There were three ordinations in Indonesia: Emanuel Logo Like was ordained on January 20, Gregorius Primus Ama Maia (destined to our province) and Yosef Albertman Sadipun were both ordained on January 27. José Percy Cervera Araujo was ordained on February 4 in Perú. And three new priests were ordained in Haiti on February 25: Ernest Celestin, Félière Louis and James-son Mercure. In addition, another missionary destined to our province, Julián Zapata Betancur, was ordained on January 28, in Donmatias, Colombia.


We welcome two new priests to our Province: Fr. Gregorius Primus Ama Maia, c.s. and Fr. Julian Zapata Betancur, c.s. 

Fr. Gregorius Primus Ama Maia, c.s.: 

Fr. Gregorius Primus Ama Maia was ordained priest on January 27, 2017, together with his peer, Fr. Yosef Albertman Sadipun, by the hands of Most Rev. Mons. Kherubin Pareira, SVD, bishop of the Diocese of Maumere, At Parish St. Thomas More, in Maumere – NTT. Father Gregorius Primus celebrated his first mass on February 2, 2017 in his hometown at Parish St. Joseph Worker, Penfui-Kupang, NTT. 
Father Gregorius Primus is destined to our province and arrived on March 25, 2017 in Maryland for his first assignment as vicar at St. Bernard Clairvaux & Our Lady of Fatima Church, in Riverdale Park, MD.

Fr. Julián Zapata Betancur, c.s.:

Fr. Julián Zapata Betancur was ordained priest on January 28, 2017 in the city of Donmatias, Colombia, by the hands of Most Rev. Jorge Alberto Ossa Soto, Bishop of the Diocese of Santa Rosa de Osos. “In the presence of my family, Scalabrinian confreres, friends and the parish community, I lived a very meaningful experience, for which I am so grateful to God every day. I feel truly happy in this beginning of my priesthood ministry and for God’s calling to serve the migrants. May Blessed Scalabrini guide me in this journey”, said Fr. Julián Zapata.

Father Julian arrived in the United States on March 22, 2017 for his first assignment as Vicar at Resurrection Catholic Church, in Winter Garden, FL.

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